How to dress like a house, in a bath house

The American Association of Realtors (AAR) has put its stamp on what people wear when they’re in a home, in an attempt to give people an understanding of the types of things they might be tempted to buy.

It has come as part of a broader effort to address what’s been dubbed “house fashion” — the concept that people want to be able to afford their homes and stay in them for longer.

AAR said it wants to educate people on how the home they live in influences the people who live there.

Its also put forward a checklist of five rules to help consumers avoid the worst of the house-worsening trends.

Among them are:Avoid the “bouncy” house dress — which is typically an oversized, high-necked dress that is often paired with a white blazer, or the “slouchy” house jacket.

And avoid the “shoulder-length coat,” which has a longer, flatter collar.