Minecraft survival house: The coolest house clipart on the web, right?

Here’s a clipart of a house built by a developer who says it’s one of the coolest house clipsart on YouTube.

The house is a house in the Minecraft Survival House series, an homage to the classic Minecraft game.

The video’s creator, who goes by “TheGoblinBite” in the video, says the house is built with a single piece of tile, a piece of glass, and two pieces of wood.

The house is designed to hold up to four people and is made from recycled wood and a piece from a scrap of metal.

The creators are currently working on a video that will feature a new video for the house.

The original video, which was uploaded to the game’s official website in January, was created in a single day and featured a single-room cabin in a rural area.

The new video is a bit more complex, with two separate rooms, a fireplace, and a bed that will be made of reclaimed wood.

TheGobs are still working on the new video, and if they’re up to it, the creators are also working on an updated version of the house for their own game, called The House in the Woods.