The ‘Herald of Doom’ will be back with another adventure

A game that has gone viral in a few days is going to be back in the spotlight again this week.

This time, it’s a game from a small indie studio called Bounce House, which is bringing us a sequel to their popular hit game, The Herald of Doom.

Bounce House’s latest game, H4D, launched last week and was a huge success, with players posting more than 10 million impressions on Facebook and Reddit.

Bounce house’s game has become one of the most popular on Facebook with more than 4 million players and is currently ranked as the best game on Steam.

It’s not surprising to see H4T come back for another adventure.

It takes place in the same universe as The Herald and The Herald: Dark Days Ahead, two of the greatest horror-themed adventures ever made.

The game is set in a dystopian future where everything is controlled by machines.

The player controls a robot named Mr. H4, who has been stuck in a “monster house” in a city that’s under siege.

The robot is forced to help a mysterious girl named Lady Lancer and her father, who are fighting the machine and its minions.

The two sides have to overcome the forces of darkness that have invaded the city and stop the machines before it’s too late.

Bounce houses original game The Herald has since been released on PC and iOS, and its sequel has been released for Android and iOS devices.

BounceHouse is currently working on a new adventure set in the future, and they’re still making sure H4 is ready for a return.

“We have a lot of work on it right now,” said H4’s director, Chris Chabot.

“H4D is one of those games that we’ve been putting a lot time and thought into.”

BounceHouse has also released a trailer for the sequel, and you can watch it below.

The trailer for H4d features a lot more gameplay, but you’ll want to head over to the official site to see the game in action.

The demo was released last week, and we can expect to see more footage and more of BounceHouse’s other games in the coming weeks.

Bouncehouse also announced that they’re also working on another adventure, H5, and the game is coming to Steam in October.

“The team is excited to finally reveal our new adventure, the upcoming H5,” the developers wrote on their website.

“You won’t be alone.

The world of H5 is a scary place full of mysteries and monsters.

We are thrilled to be bringing H5 to Steam and hopefully soon mobile platforms.”

H5 will be released on Oct. 11, 2019.