The Smart House: New Home for a Country in Transition

By JAMES FARRENBACHThe new home for a country in transition is a cozy and stylish white house with a view.

The house sits on a hilltop, and the view of the Charlotte skyline is just a few hundred feet away.

The owner, who has chosen not to be identified, says he was inspired to buy the house by a friend.

The friend who bought the house is in a wheelchair, and he wants to share the life of his friend and his home with him, so the house has an open plan.

The house’s designer is a former president of the American Academy of Arts and Design, and it’s also designed by the architect who designed the White House, according to the owner.

It’s designed to be accessible, quiet and accessible.

“There is a lot of technology in the house that has made it more than just a simple house,” the owner said.

The new house also features an outdoor terrace, a patio, a laundry room, a dining room, an art studio and a fitness room.

There’s also a guest house that is designed to serve as a retreat for people who want to go out in nature, as well as an outdoor swimming pool with a waterfall and a waterfall viewing platform.

There’s also an indoor patio, outdoor fireplace, and a private backyard.

In addition to the outdoor terraces and outdoor pool, there’s also private bedrooms and a guest bathroom, which the owner says is designed for people to go outside.

The owner says he would like to see the house incorporated into a larger community, but the only way to do that is to get approval from the owner’s city council.

It is the largest home he’s ever built, and as of Wednesday morning it had sold for $3.2 million.

The sale was announced Wednesday by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Development Corporation, which owns the property.