What you need to know about tea house’s tea tasting

What you’re about to read might not be your cup of tea, but it’s definitely worth your time.

You’re about 30 minutes away from a tea house in the bustling centre of central Tokyo.

Its been serving tea for over 200 years, and it’s now owned by a group of Japanese-Americans.

The tea house is located in a residential area of Tokyo called “Otakubo-cho”.

The name comes from the word “onoko” which means “place of tea”.

We’ve taken a tour inside the tea house, and got the scoop on what’s inside.


The Tea House’s Location: The tea room has a lot of interesting things going on inside.

A large screen is used to show the tea inside, as well as a TV showing the tea leaves being boiled.

Tea is served in glass cups, and tea leaves are also wrapped in paper napkins.


The Breakfast Tea: There’s no coffee, so the tea is served on a tea tray, with tea leaves in the middle.


The Dessert Tea: Tea is usually served in two different cups: a black tea (a little more expensive) and a white tea.


The Dinner Tea: You might get a white and black tea.

The white tea is made with white sugar, while the black tea is the exact opposite.


The Sip Tea: It’s important to drink the tea with your partner and not your mother.

The water is heated in the tea room, so it’s not hot or spicy.


The Drink of the Day: There are many different kinds of tea here, and there’s a big selection of drinks to choose from.


The Menu: There is a wide variety of dishes to choose the best from, such as: Japanese hot pot, Japanese soup, Japanese rice cake, English coffee, and Chinese hot pot.


The Prices: The prices here are reasonable for the quality of the tea.


The Atmosphere: The atmosphere is relaxed, with people watching the tea making process, and the tea being made.


What to Expect at the Tea Room: There are a lot more details to see in the tasting room, including the tea kettle, teapot, and a large table that’s used to measure the tea before it’s boiled.


Tea Party: It’s also worth attending tea parties, which are held every year in January and February, and usually are filled with people from different cultures.


The Good and the Bad of Tea: The tea shop’s main function is to make tea for people in Japan.

It’s called “Gurayaku-cho”, which translates to “Tea House of the East”.

The shop is located right in the heart of Tokyo, close to the railway station.


What People Are Saying About Tea House: “The tea house has been serving for over 20 years.

I would definitely come again.

The service is top notch.

The food is delicious.

We really enjoy tea.”

“It’s really good tea, it’s just a little different.

I like the smell of the freshly boiled tea.

It gives you the feeling that you’re in a tea shop, which is different from being in a cafe.”

“There are a ton of different tea blends in the shop, but I would rather try the regular blend, which has a bit more sugar.”


What you should know about Tea House from the Tea Party Experience: “The tea is really good.

It smells great.

There’s a lot to drink and enjoy.

It is worth a visit.

It definitely gives you a good taste of Japanese culture.”