3D printed house and supply house: What to know about these new homes

A new home in California is being designed by an engineering company to take advantage of a 3D printer’s capabilities.

The home will be called the “Tap House,” a term that means “tap house” in the language of 3D printing.

The building will be built at a former brewery in Santa Barbara, and the interior will be made of recycled materials from nearby buildings.

The space will also be able to store food and water.

The Tap House is being built by a company called Xerox, which makes 3D printers.

It says the design uses “low carbon fiber” and “light-weight” materials.

The company has built similar homes in California, Arizona, New York, and Florida.

Xerox has built other 3D-printed houses, but none in the San Francisco Bay Area, where the Tap House will be located.

A building in the Bay Area will be a model for the new Tap House, according to a press release from the company.

The press release said the company has received about $5 million in donations from investors, but it is unclear whether the donation will go toward the construction of the home or any other projects.

The home is expected to open in 2019, though the exact location of the new home has not yet been announced.

Xero, which is also working on building a home in Los Angeles, has said it has no plans to build a 3-D printed home in the United States.

It is, however, building its own 3-d printer in the city.

Xeros CEO Chris Johnson told The Associated Press last year that the company is trying to take on the “green house” movement, which advocates for more sustainable energy.

The movement has grown over the past year, as many cities, including San Francisco and New York City, have adopted green building codes that require more energy efficient construction.

Johnson said Xeros is trying “to take on something we call the green house.”

He said the building is being made using materials like recycled glass, wood, and concrete.