When will Drake House be open again?

Drake’s House on Park Road, Sydney, NSW Australia is opening its doors to the public again after a nine-year break in December 2016.

The owners, Mark and Linda Drake, announced on the club’s Facebook page that they were opening their doors for a few hours from 8:00pm on Wednesday, June 19 to offer “a few beers” and “get some friends together.”

However, the following morning, they announced they were shutting down the pub for good.

“The decision to close was made after considering all the circumstances, including the changing social landscape in the country and in Australia, and the fact that we had been forced to close for so long,” they wrote.

The Drakes were “disappointed” and that they “didn’t know how to go forward without our regulars, and many of whom had gone through a difficult time,” according to the statement.

“We wanted to keep our doors open to the general public, so we offered our customers a few beers, but after an extended period of planning and reflection we realised that it wasn’t right for us to close without making a statement on what it means to be a Drake.”

They continued, “We have a very small staff, and it has taken us a long time to find a way to provide our patrons with a positive experience, and our most important task at the moment is to support our members in the future, to help them to make a good life for themselves, and to support those who are facing hardship or transition.”

The Drakes were able to reopen for a couple of hours on June 20, 2017, after the club posted a message on Facebook explaining the closure and offering some advice on how to cope.

“It was a bittersweet day,” they told ABC News.

“For the first time since the closing of Drake we had to leave.

We were both heartbroken by the loss, but also thankful that we could still have a few drinks and a chat.”

They were able “to take a few steps back” to “give people some reassurance and some hope that the Drake is still here.”

However they “remain determined to provide an enjoyable, friendly, and relaxed environment for all who come in for a drink.”

They also said they had been “overwhelmed by the response from the public and the club, and I know that we have been doing everything we can to make Drake the best it can be.”

“We are all very thankful for the positive response from Drake to our opening, and thank our supporters who have shown their support and helped make Drakes such a successful venue,” they said.