NYC Housing Connected to Hell House in New York

The building that once housed the Hell House is now home to the New York Housing Connect.

The new owner is called Hell House Realty Group and is based in Brooklyn, the Brooklyn borough where the Hell house once stood.

The company says it’s not looking to replace the Hellhouse or the building that housed it, which now houses the Safe House, a shelter for displaced veterans.

Hell House was an illegal shelter for the homeless until it was shut down by the Trump administration in 2020.

The Hell House became a symbol of the homeless crisis in New England when it was destroyed in 2019 by a fire.

The fire killed eight people, including a local police officer, and left the building uninhabitable.

The company says the Hell Houses are a symbol for the city’s homelessness crisis.

The building, which once housed an encampment for homeless people, now houses a shelter, according to a news release.