When did the doll house become a fashion icon?

The doll house was one of the first houses to take off.

A Victorian era house, built in 1878, the dollhouse was meant to look like a dollhouse.

However, the first doll house went to a French couture house in Paris, which had no idea what to do with it, until the house was repainted in red and gold.

The house was so popular, the French were selling it in a showroom for a fee, and it became a fashion accessory, said the BBC.

The first dollhouse, with its white and blue facade, was built in London, in 1870, to house a young fashion designer named William Bewick.

It was a massive building, the most expensive doll house ever built, and featured a replica of a doll house.

The building’s original name was The Doll House of the King.

The dollhouse in the BBC documentary is called The Dollhouse.

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