Why Winchester Mystery House was a huge hit

Posted October 14, 2018 10:06:07 Winchester Mystery house was a big hit when it opened in 1993.

But it has now gone out of business.

The property has been turned into a luxury hotel.

But not all of its tenants are happy with the move.

Local media is reporting that the owners of the property are planning a sequel, this time to a different series.

This week, the house was featured in a new episode of US reality TV show House Hunters.

It was the first house to be featured on the show.

The producers wanted to create a series that would include people of all different backgrounds and professions, the ABC News website reports.

“We wanted to capture that authenticity of a family that lives here,” said director of House Hunters Nick Filippi.

“The show was created for people to come out and feel like they were there.”

He added that the show would be about the “emotional roller coaster” that is life in the US.

“They come in and see this place and they want to know what it’s like to live here and they come out, and they’re very disappointed,” Mr Filippis said.

“That’s why we did the show.”

The show’s producer, Ben Raff, said he was “absolutely thrilled” by the reception.

“It was one of the most incredible experiences that I’ve ever had in my life,” Mr Raff said.

But he did not feel that the new show was based on the real house, and he is not surprised by the backlash.

“People have been asking me this question, ‘Why did you make the show Winchester Mystery?’.” The producers of the show are planning to return to the house to film another episode.

They will then start shooting another season of House hunters.

It is not known how many episodes the producers have planned for the series. ABC/wires