This terrace is going for £200K

A terrace in a terraced house in south Dublin is being sold for £20 million.

It is part of the ‘The Terrace’, a $40 million development on the south side of Dublin city centre.

The €60 million house is one of four houses built on the site.

It was built by a developer from the Irish family who bought it for €60,000 from a family in Australia.

The house is believed to have been built around 1848.

The new owner, who is believed have been friends of the family, plans to build a home in the property.

A spokesperson for the family told The Irish News:”The family and the developer are keen to expand their portfolio, and this is a good opportunity for them to do so.”

We are pleased to be able to sell the Terrace to a family who are passionate about building a community.

“The house, which was originally built in the 18th century, is said to have attracted attention from locals for its quality of construction.

The terrace, built in 1848, is one block from the famous Dublin Stock Exchange and is owned by a group of family members who live in the estate.

The area was once known as ‘Dublin’s Gold’ and has been the scene of a string of gold rushes.