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Anne Franks has built a house in a remote part of Tasmania that is inspired by her love of architecture.

The Australian-born designer from Adelaide built her first home on the land of a forested island off the coast of Tasmania in 2010.

Her home, built in two stages, is designed to be modular and allow for a variety of uses including a guesthouse or small family home.

It was designed to offer an escape from the modern world for a contemporary Australian couple, who live in a two-bedroom townhouse in the area, according to an invitation to a house-hunting competition posted on her Facebook page.

Ms Franks says she started to build the house because she was bored of living in a home and wanted something different.

“The design was inspired by nature, which I like, so I decided to try and create something unique,” she told ABC TV’s RN Breakfast.

“I think it works really well, I can’t really say much more.”

The family-sized house is based on a design by the artist who created the Victorian house, a local resident and an architect, who were all inspired by the island.

Mr Frank says the house has been built for two years, and will eventually house up to two people.

“The house is actually a very small home, because it’s not a house but a treehouse,” he said.

“We wanted to create a house that was really simple and very simple to construct, and then that also has the ability to be a house.”

Ms Franks said she wanted the house to be unique because she could not build her own.

“It’s a big piece of land that is really special, and I didn’t want to just be doing something that is normal,” she said.

She added that her house was also a tribute to her Australian heritage, which she describes as a blend of Aboriginal and English, with her roots in Tasmania.

“If you look at the land and how it is shaped, I think that there is something very Australian about the way that the land is shaped,” she explained.

“So it’s the way it’s designed that is very Australian.”

Mr Frank said the family had not been able to build it yet but was planning on opening it in the next few months.