A young house-loving girl dies after being hit by car

By MATT BARRETT AND KENNETH JOHNSON-BARBOURThe girl’s family says she was struck by a car as she walked home from school in south Houston.

They say the girl was walking alone with her father and younger sister.

Her mother told Eyewitness News the girl and her father were walking to school in the 700 block of W. Washington.

She said the girl had just walked into the front door and her mother said her daughter was walking back.

Her mother said she called 911 and the girl got to her feet and tried to walk to the car but the car was gone.

Neighbors told Eyeson the girl’s father had just left work when he heard the crash and looked out his front window to see the driver’s side door flying out from under the car.

They said the driver tried to pull over, but the girl ran back inside and the family tried to call 911.

“She just walked up the driveway and started screaming.

She was yelling, ‘I need help.

I need help,'” said neighbor Michael Odom.

The girl was rushed to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

The family told Eyepublic that they’re trying to find out what happened.

“This is a very sad and tragic accident.

My daughter was a loving, hardworking young woman who loved school, family and her neighbors,” the family said in a statement.