‘Junkie’ star Michael Jordan is in the hospital after collapsing at a Sydney opera house

Michael Jordan, one of Australia’s biggest stars, has been taken to hospital after falling while attending a Sydney Opera House show.

The 26-year-old actor, who plays the fictional character of Michael Jordan in the popular film, has had a heart attack at the Sydney Opera house.

Mr Jordan was admitted to the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and was in a critical condition when he arrived, according to reports.

The actor is the only person at the show to be dressed as Michael Jordan.

A spokesperson for the Royal Australian Opera told the ABC that Mr Jordan is currently in a stable condition and has not been rushed to hospital.

“Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this time,” the spokesperson said.

The Royal Australian Legion, which has played host to Mr Jordan since the 1950s, also expressed “shock and sadness” at the death of the actor.

“The loss of a member of the Royal Family is devastating to all who have known him,” the Legion’s acting general secretary, David Womack, said.

“Michael has a lifelong passion for Australian culture and the legion is deeply saddened by this tragic and shocking news.”

Mr Jordan, who was a founding member of Australian Idol and was a television presenter in the late 1970s and early 1980s, had appeared in films like The Breakfast Club and The Rockford Files.

The former basketball star was a frequent guest at the Royal Opera House.

His star on the Australian TV show, The Rock, was also featured in the film.

The film follows the exploits of a group of kids who come together for an all-ages show at the Opera House, where they perform their favourite musicals.

The children are all of “red colour” or “blue colour”, according to the script.

It is unclear if the actor is wearing a heart-shaped cap or an open-necked jacket.