The Top 5 Things To Do In Shanghai This Summer

The first week of the year in Shanghai is one of the biggest for the country’s entertainment scene.

It’s also one of its most expensive.

In 2018, there were more than 1,300 entertainment venues in the city, and it costs more than $10 million to host a big show at a venue.

The city’s cultural center, the Great Hall of the People, hosts an annual festival called the Shanghai Festival of Music, Art and Arts, which features music from the city’s top performers.

But with the city gearing up for a busy summer, we’ve ranked the best Chinese venues for you to check out this year.


The White House Down (Chinese: 佐宇香江视市)The White House down (东西汙范延)is a large indoor stage that plays a host of live entertainment, including martial arts, movies and dramas.

There’s also a theater and dance venue called the Palace Theater, which can seat between 300 and 600 people.

It opens its doors on July 21 and closes its doors July 30.

It has been a favorite for Chinese visitors for years, and the city has become one of our favorite places to visit in Shanghai, according to our guidebook.


The Hangzhou Theatre (育满观放万養)This is one-of-a-kind, three-screen, one-story theater, featuring original Chinese movies and documentaries.

The theater opened in December 2016, and has been the venue for many Chinese performances.

The venue has a capacity of just under 300 people.

The stage seats about 50 people, with a maximum seating capacity of 50.

It opened in March 2017.


China Pavilion (漢民顧地)A grand, three story, 6,000-square-meter space in the Old City, China Pavilion is home to a huge stage with a capacity for up to 600 people, and is located near the Grand Canal.

It is the biggest venue in the country for Chinese performances, and hosts a number of shows every week.

It started out in December 2018, but was closed down by the authorities in February 2019 for safety reasons.


The China Theater (高规餘餜欧万決调短定)This five-story, two-screen theater was built in 1927, and opened in 1952.

The space is home a stage for live shows and performances, as well as a stage and dance area for performances.

It also has an area for live entertainment and a theater, which seats between 500 and 600.

It was the venue of the inaugural Chinese New Year’s celebration in May 2018.


The Wangfujing (资地址科票)This four-story complex in downtown Shanghai is home the Wangfujiang (地害).

This is the most popular entertainment venue in China, with performances on the stage and a stage that seats around 200 people.

Visitors can also watch live performances on stage.

The area is home of the Beijing National Exhibition.


The Shanghai Garden (世界襲菜)This three-story garden on the banks of the Great Wall is home for a large stage, with seating for between 150 and 300 people, which is usually reserved for performances and concerts.

It features a wide range of entertainment, from opera to comedy, and can also host a dance and theater.


The Tiananmen Square (祝拉首见客)Tiananmen square is the largest square in China.

It hosts events, concerts and shows on stages, including a live concert on the Great wall.

It can seat around 1,000 people.


Shanghai Tower (天长地祭室)Located on the edge of Shanghai, this two-story tower has a stage, a concert hall and a cafe, and seats around 1:1 with the main square.


Shanghai Square (天下真店大店)Located in Shanghai’s financial district, Shanghai Square is the second-largest square in the world.

It offers a stage with seating around 100 people, as opposed to the Great hall in Beijing, which has a seating capacity around 1.5 million.

It will host the Shanghai Olympics in 2022.


Hangzhou Theater (襇襾坤第三)This two-stage, three theater, the Hangzhou (菈蛙解)has a capacity in excess of 500 people, including performers, who also take part in a concert.

The theatre has