The best house on the market for $2.2 million

This house has a lot going for it, but it also comes with some serious drawbacks, and one of those is its price tag.

It’s currently listed for $1.2 billion, and while it’s definitely not the priciest home in the city, it’s not the cheapest either.

The house’s design is minimalist and functional, but its exterior is just too damn expensive to be worth it.

A lot of its pieces are in terrible condition, and the home’s owner, a woman named Mary, has had to sell it to cover the costs of fixing the home.

“I’m not a millionaire,” she said, speaking through a translator.

“It’s really hard to sell this house.”

The house in question is located in an area called Pembroke House, an area known as the “Cambodian Coast” in the country.

This area is notorious for being a hotbed of prostitution, drug dealing, and corruption, so it’s a pretty hot spot for people to buy drugs.

Mary told Polygon that her house was “in the wrong place at the wrong time,” because it was in a location that was a safe, but dangerous place.

She and her husband, a lawyer named James, purchased the property in 2014, and they spent the next three years fixing the house to make it more safe.

But when the property was bought, the couple noticed a lot of problems.

“There were a lot more problems,” James told Polygons.

“A lot of the plumbing was not in the right place.

There were problems with the electrical systems.

There was problems with heating.

There’s so many things that were wrong.

We were pretty disappointed.”

The couple found that Mary had been renting out the house for years, and James began working with the owner to fix it up.

In a statement to Polygon, the owner, Pembrano Pembronco, said she bought the house in 2014.

Pembolco says she sold the property to pay for the renovations.

“The home was bought for a great price in 2014 for a low price, and we are currently working with Mary to make the home habitable again,” she wrote in the statement.

“We hope the owner will make good on her promise and make a good home for the people of Pemblonco.”

While Pembu, a Pemboan, is one of the most famous people in Thailand, she’s not your typical property owner.

“My name is Pembulan,” she told Polygamers, her voice rising with excitement.

“This is my house.”

Mary, meanwhile, told Polygames that the house has been in her family for more than 100 years, though her father has been the owner since the 1970s.

“They have to be a little more careful with this house because it’s very expensive,” she explained.

“You need to take care of it for the next 100 years or more.”

The home was listed for sale in 2015 for $3.3 million, and Mary said that it was on the auction block until the home went up for sale again in February.

“Everything is sold now,” she admitted.

“And there’s nothing left.”

She also said that the home has had problems with tenants, with the couple having to relocate several times over the years, including once in 2018 to move into a bigger apartment complex nearby.

“So we’re moving a lot,” she added.

Mary said she has started a petition with the support of the local Cambodian community to have the house listed for the highest bidder, and that she hopes to keep the house and the people living there safe.

“Maybe the next owner will not have to move so much, so that the property will be safe,” she speculated.

“But I think they should make it safer.”

The property is located on a residential street in the heart of Pembro.

There are no signs that it has any residents, but there are signs that Mary, who has lived in the house since she was a little girl, does have neighbors.

She said she’s worked with other people who live nearby, and she says they’re all happy to have her house.

“People here love the house, and I think that they would be happy to live in this house,” she continued.

“In this neighborhood, there’s not many houses that people have lived in before.

So, if you have this house, people will be happy.

It will make them happy.

They will be able to get better housing.”