A new sushi bar in New York City opens for business

The opening of a sushi bar at the bar and barbeque restaurant of the former Bar Barbeque and the Sushi House of Brooklyn, which reopened this week, was the result of years of lobbying and fundraising.

The company’s owner, Yuzu Hiratsuka, had previously said that she had received hundreds of donations, but that she did not have the resources to open a restaurant in New Jersey.

Now, she says she has been able to open the first sushi bar of its kind in New England.

“It’s a very big deal, a huge deal,” Hiratsukas daughter told The Atlantic.

“We had a great time.

I love New York.”

The new sushi restaurant at Bar Barbque and Sushi house in New Rochelle, N.Y. (Katherine Frey/The Washington Post) “The barbeques are very popular and we are really proud of that,” she said.

“The new restaurant is really a place to do that.

We are a big family here.

We love New Jersey.”

Hiratsu said the new bar is located at a shopping center in New Brunswick, N., that is home to several local bars.

Hiratsuki said she was working with local developers, who are developing a project that would have two new sushi restaurants in the area.

“There is a real demand for sushi in New Britain,” Hiratsu said.

She said she plans to open two more sushi bars in the region and said she expects to open an international restaurant in the New York area by the end of the year.

The new restaurant was originally named the Satsumas, or Sushi Palace, but Hiratsun told The New York Times that it is now known as Bar Barbecued.

Hiratun said that the restaurant has been designed with a menu of fresh and local ingredients that has been developed at the family sushi restaurant.

The menu is currently being developed.

“They are a Japanese restaurant, but I think we have something that will appeal to a Western audience,” she told the Times.

Hirasu said that Bar Barbed has received more than 500,000 reservations for the new restaurant.

Bar Bar Barborn is located on the north side of Manhattan and has a location in the Bronx.

It opened its first location in 2009.