What Jeff Bezos House is really like: A tour

Posted November 07, 2018 07:01:04 A visit to Jeff Bezos’ new $2.9 billion home in suburban Maryland is an experience that has left me more curious than satisfied.

As an outsider, I’ve come to expect a trip to the former home of General Motors chief executive Mary Barra to be an epic trip down memory lane, a reminder that, even in a $2 billion mansion, you can’t buy your way into heaven.

For me, the only way to get there was to work at Amazon and go on a shopping spree, which has been an experience in and of itself, but also a great way to see what the Bezos family is all about.

The house, located in the sprawling Maryland city of Falls Church, is built like a castle on a hill.

The interior is lavish, with gold trim and opulent finishes.

It’s like the kind of place you’d expect a billionaire from New York to own.

It features three bedrooms, four bathrooms, and an entry way that leads down a winding staircase.

In the living room, a massive glass window is filled with views of the city, the ocean, and a massive tree that bears a striking resemblance to a large red apple.

The kitchen is a living room and dining room with a large island.

On the lower level, a small living area sits with a full-sized TV.

Inside, a dining room and a bedroom are on the same level.

The living room features a large table with three chairs and a TV.

A large sofa is sitting on the floor with a shelf, and the ceiling is covered with cushions.

The dining room is open to the kitchen and bathroom, which are also open to a living area.

A balcony is set up for a viewing window.

At the rear of the house, the house features a fireplace with a fireplace mantel and a living/dining area.

The backyard, which is set aside for the living area, is filled in with a pool.

The main entrance leads to the back entrance, with a porch and a patio.

On a sunny day, the sky is lit by a big flagpole, which rises up to form the giant “I Love the Amazon” sign.

The front entrance leads you through a back garden, and on the other side, you have an enclosed patio.

The driveway leads down to the river, which flows past a beautiful, lush, and open garden.

A big wall of the front yard is lined with large, open containers and a huge, glass wall that divides the two gardens.

The back garden is also surrounded by a wall of open containers.

The second garden is lined by containers.

There is also a large patio, which leads to a huge yard with a huge patio area, and it is surrounded by glass walls that extend into the yard.

The first garden is full of open, large containers, and there is also an enclosed area with an open yard and two large patio areas.

The yard is very well landscaped with trees and a large yard with two large outdoor decks.

The pool is also very well manicured with a number of trees.

The home is also large with a lot of windows and doors.

There are also a lot more than 50 windows throughout the house.

There was also a small patio area in the front of the home, which had a small bench.

There were also a number for dining, as well as a large dining area.

In addition to the large kitchen, there is a large bathroom.

The small living room is filled to the brim with everything you could want, including a large bed, two chairs, a couch, and two couches.

The garage is also big with a garage door, a carport, and another large door that leads to an outdoor deck.

The bedrooms are also very large with plenty of storage space, a couple of closets, and plenty of small storage.

A number of windows are covered with large plastic sheets.

The master bedroom is also full of everything you want.

There’s a large vanity, a large couch, a bed, and lots of storage.

The bathroom is also completely covered with plastic sheets, a shower, and storage space.

The hallway leads to another large bathroom and a separate living/bedroom area.

On one side of the yard, there are a couple more doors leading to other areas of the property.

The stairs lead to the house from the front, and then another set of stairs that lead to a small, enclosed area.

There a number more windows are on either side of this area, one on either wall of a living-room wall, and one on the opposite wall.

In front of one of the large windows, a tree stands on the edge of the deck.

There also is a pool area with a sauna and several pools.

The outdoor deck, which looks out over the cityscape, is lined in a nice green, with trees that extend to the ceiling.

The patio area has a pool table, a