How to get a house of paynes worth $30m?

The average house of Cb has been bought for $3.7 million in Australia.

It has a market value of $5.2 million and a market price of $10.2.

The property was listed for sale on the ASX on Wednesday night, the most recent listing available.

It is believed the home was purchased for about $4.9 million.

It was listed at $7.4 million in July.

A spokeswoman for the property’s developer, the House of Payne Group, said it was selling to a family of four.

“This family of five are in their 50s and are not currently living in the home, but will be coming into the house for a few weeks and then moving to another home,” she said.

“They have two children and the oldest is just six months old.”

The house was sold for about 15 times its listed price.

“The family of 4, with a very good income, would be in the market for a house for around $30 million,” the spokeswoman said.

The family is expected to have a very large home in Sydney and the home will be surrounded by a pool and tennis courts.

The spokesperson said the family had also agreed to buy a $1.4-million house in the Australian Capital Territory.

The spokesman said the property was not in a distressed condition, but the family wanted to move it from the market to a safe place.

“It has been sold in the most safe and stable manner possible,” she told the ABC.

“There’s no mortgage, no interest, no guarantor, nothing.

The buyer has agreed to a mortgage and a home is being purchased.”

The ABC has contacted the House Of Payne for further information.

A spokesperson for Cb said it had no comment on the matter.