Dog house guest house is a dog-friendly place to stay

The guest house at The Dog House, in Vancouver, is a place where dogs can relax in a quiet environment with a friendly and supportive staff.

We asked our guests how they enjoy staying in this place.

We also spoke with a few of the owners about the many aspects of their pet-friendly home.1.

Dog-friendly guest house rules are strict: The Doghouse rules include a strict leash policy, pets must be kept in a separate area, and a dog must be supervised by a dog handler.

The owner of the Dog House shared that it was a dog friendly environment.2.

The dog-friendliness factor is great: The owners of the Pet House shared how they love having their dogs on their property.

The owners told us that the Doghouse is a welcoming place where guests can enjoy a relaxing day in the park, and there is plenty of room to let their dogs out in the yard.3.

Pets are welcome: Dogs are welcome in the DogHouse, and the owner said she does not feel they are unwelcome.

The dogs are well-mannered and friendly, and they are welcome to come and play with guests.4.

Dogs are a part of the dog’s life: The owner shared how her dogs are a welcome part of their life.

They are allowed to roam around and are allowed access to all the areas they may need to play, and guests are given a chance to greet them.5.

Pets can stay in the guest house while guests are away: The Pet House has two rooms, with a separate bedroom for pets, and visitors can use the dog room when guests are not around.

The PetHouse owners told Business Insider that the PetHouse is dog- and cat-friendly, and pets are welcome there.6.

Pets need not be chained: The pet-friendly PetHouse has no restrictions on pets.

In fact, the PetHouses owner shared that dogs and cats are able to climb up the stairs.7.

Pets must stay inside: The pets are kept in separate areas, with no pets allowed in the house, including cats.

The pet room is separate from the rest of the house and the Pethouse owners shared that there is room for both.8.

The DogHouse is a great dog-safe place: The Pets owners said the DogHouses guests are a wonderful, loving family.

They love to pet each other and enjoy spending time with their dog, and all guests are welcome.9.

Pets will be kept out of the guesthouse: The dog house has a separate yard that is not allowed to have any other pets.

Dogs must be confined to a separate outdoor area.

The guest rooms are separated by a fence, and only dogs are allowed inside the guest rooms.10.

The Dogs have their own rooms: The dogs at The PetHouse are always in a happy, playful mood.

Pets do not have access to the dog-room or the Dog Haus, but are allowed in all other areas of the building.