How Michael Jordan’s Wife, Janet, Changed the NBA by the Numbers

When Michael Jordan announced that he would retire from the NBA, he left a trail of doubt.

The former MVP’s wife, Janet Jordan, told the Wall Street Journal in 2013 that she did not think his retirement was in the cards.

Now, with Jordan in retirement, the NBA has taken on another piece of his legacy.

The league has released its first comprehensive list of the biggest changes to the NBA’s salary cap over the last four years, and it finds the average player’s new salary at the end of each year to be a little over $2 million less than what the average salary in 2013 was.

The biggest change comes from the salary cap.

In the 2014-15 season, the salary for the average NBA player was $11.7 million.

In 2015-16, the average was $12.2 million.

But in 2016-17, that figure rose to $13.6 million.

So what’s going on?

The NBA’s new cap rules have helped the league shed its former burden of paying big salaries to its star players, but they haven’t completely eliminated them.

Instead, the league has been lowering the average salaries for its smaller, younger players.

The median NBA player this season was still $11 million shy of what the league was paying to players like Jordan, Anthony Davis, and James Harden.

But Jordan’s contract is now worth $13 million more than it was in 2013, making him the league’s highest-paid player.

The average player this year is still $3.7-million below the average cap number for the last five years.

The difference is even more stark when you consider the median player is now a few years younger than Jordan.

The NBA is spending more on smaller players.

In fact, the median NBA salary is $2.5 million less that it was four years ago.

And the average for players under the age of 30 is now $3 million less.

The number of players who are under contract this season is also significantly smaller, at 521.

The players who signed contracts last summer and were eligible to make their max salaries last season, and who made their maxs before this season, are making the same amount now.

In other words, the number of teams making max salaries for these players has increased.

So how much are these players getting paid?

Here’s a breakdown of how much each player is making in each year of his contract: Jordan (average salary $11,7 million): $9.7 Million per year Source: ESPN The Big Lead This is not exactly a shocker, because Jordan had been a free agent for the next five seasons, and had yet to sign a new contract.

But this is a big difference.

In a league that is notorious for its cap infighting, the $10 million per year Jordan was making this past season might not sound like a lot.

And yet it represents more than a few million dollars per year.

In addition to Jordan, the players who have signed contracts this offseason are LeBron James ($13 million), Giannis Antetokounmpo ($10 million), and Kevin Durant ($9.6 m), to name a few.

While it’s tempting to attribute the lower salaries to the salary caps and the NBA Players Association’s demands, the truth is that the players in these contracts were all under contract and made less than they otherwise would have.

For example, James, Antetekon, and Durant all signed new contracts this past offseason.

However, they were also under contract for two seasons.

When you combine those two years of service with the fact that they made less money than they would have made in the first place, it means the average cost of their contracts is about $11-million per year less than the average of the last seven years combined.

That is, the averages salaries of the players under contract are actually less than that of players with no contract.

That means that the average value of these contracts is actually less, in the words of one league source, than the league is willing to pay to a player.

How much is the average $2-million-per-year salary of Michael Jordan worth?

Jordan is now the highest-paying player in the NBA in terms of the average amount per year of each contract he signed.

The only player who is close is Durant, who signed a five-year deal worth $70 million.

That’s more than $11 m per year more than Jordan made in his last four seasons.

But even Durant has the advantage of making the average contract worth less than Jordan’s last four contracts combined.

Jordan is making $10.7 m less than Durant in 2016, which is about 3.5 times the average per-year value of his last five contracts combined, per CapFriendly.

The new salary cap rules for the NBA have increased the cost of the NBA salary cap